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Inspect Those Hard To Reach Places
Inspections of cellular towers, power poles, smokestacks and other elevated utilities has always demanded a climber. In addition to the danger, training and time has made it an expensive activity. Drones provide real time recorded video, and even thermal inspections, at a fraction of the risk and cost.

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We Are Ready For A Challenge
Our veteran owned business is fully insured and implements FAA licensed pilots that are always up to the task when it comes to providing first class imaging and videography.
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Utility Inspection Samples
Make Sure Your Equipment Is Working Properly
With our Zenmuse H20T camera (and its 180X magnification), we can help evaluate your equipment for routine and emergency maintenance. We can also utilize our Zenmuse XT2 Thermal camera. This tool allows us to confirm that equipment is in operation with normal parameters and/or detect potential problems.