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Drones with THERMAL cameras are the

Safest Way To Inspect Your Roof

We have the drones and equipment available to inspect any roofing system. We look for warning signs that allow businesses to avoid preventable costly repair/replacement projects. No longer is it necessary to risk the safety of employees and incur the expense of an inefficient inspection that rarely covers 100% of the surface due to inaccessible areas.

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We Are Ready For A Challenge
Our veteran owned business is fully insured and implements FAA licensed pilots that are always up to the task when it comes to providing first class imaging and videography.
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Thermal Technology Aiding Inspections
Our thermal cameras provide data that will detect unseen water leaks/damage, as well as areas of heat loss. Improper insulation can lead to ice damage in cold climates and heightened energy costs

Our thermal camera drones allow us to detect hidden water damage, from past or current leaks, and mold and rot without having to open walls, ceilings, roofing or siding. Through the use of aerial thermal technology, we can locate exactly which areas of a roof contain water issues.

Our pilots are THERMOGRAPHY I certified